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Konsultanci to świetni pracownicy – zdolni, wydajni i profesjonalni

SDC korzysta z usług ProData Consult już od kilku lat.

Ich konsultanci są zawsze niezwykle kompetentni i doświadczeni, z doskonałym zapleczem technicznym. Dlatego też zawsze pełnią ważną rolę w rozwoju naszych systemów.

Jako osoba odpowiedzialna za ostateczny sukces w realizacji projektu, zwracam szczególną uwagę na fakt, że mogę spokojnie zaufać wiedzy i doświadczeniu konsultantów. Nie jest dobrze, gdy dopiero w toku prac dostrzegam, że nie są wykonywane poprawnie. To strata czasu, która w najgorszym wypadku może doprowadzić do opóźnienia realizacji całego projektu.

ProData Consult zaś jestem zupełnie spokojna o to, że zatrudnieni konsultanci to właściwe osoby, bo są to po prostu świetni pracownicy – zdolni, wydajni i profesjonalni.

ProData Consult wie, jak dostarczyć to, co najlepsze.

Ole Kyhnæb
Project Manager

GN Netcom:

Potrafią szybko znaleźć wykwalifikowanych konsultantów - zgodnie z naszymi potrzebami

Współpracę z ProData Consult charakteryzuje wysoki poziom profesjonalizmu, dlatego jest ona dla mnie całkowicie satysfakcjonująca. Bardzo doceniam to, że zespół ProData Consult potrafi szybko znaleźć wykwalifikowanych konsultantów - zgodnie z naszymi potrzebami - szczególnie zaś wtedy, gdy potrzeba ta pojawia się z dnia na dzień.

Konsultanci ProData Consult są nie tylko zawodowo kwalifikowani.

Kenneth Ullmann
IT eApplications



When I contact ProData Consult, they always respond quickly. I have received CVs on consultants with the competences I needed within 24 hours as they promise. We've received some Project Manager profiles that were spot-on!

Furthermore the process is very smooth. I provide some keywords and a description regarding the option we are considering, and then the account manager finds the right profiles. The CVs provide an easy overview, enabling an objective decision: I can immediately see if a consultant is a good match. The groundwork is done thoroughly, and it saves me time.

The ProData consultants support projects really well together with our own project managers. With their skills and not least with their deep experience they contribute to create value in our projects. This is also confirmed by the very positive feedback I get from my colleagues.

ProData Consult always meet me with openness, if there are any issues, and we find a satisfactory way to solve things.

Henrik Ferdinand
Supply Chain Management
IT relationship Manager


The right skills at the right time

"Forming a strong team when you need one requires that the right skills are available at the right time.

In recent years, Energinet has experienced much growth, partially through core services of transmitting electricity and gas in Denmark and partially through new tasks that will increase Denmark's use of renewable energy up towards 2050. This growth is apparent throughout the entire organization, also in terms of the demand for IT solutions and projects.

As manager of the IT Project Office, it is important for me to maintain

the ability to be flexible and the option to scale resources to ensure progress in the projects. This has enabled us to take part in creating value in relation to the company’s development.

ProData Consult has been a good partner for many years and helps us scale resources relative to the demand for IT consultants on a daily basis.

ProData Consult has a good understanding of the skills we need and is very professional in choosing IT consultants who match Energinet's organization, both on a professional and social level.

ProData Consult is able to get the consultants in play quickly, which helps us ensure the necessary progress in the projects. The consultants take on heavy tasks in our organization and do it very professionally. It is great to see how easy it is for the consultants to adapt to the tasks and solve them."

Katrine Jørgensen
Department Manager
IT Project Office

Arla foods amba:

IT consultants relieve pressure and stress at Arla

"ProData Consult is an agile and flexible partner and they are good at finding the right consultant profiles for our IT projects at Arla.

It is also important to mention our close cooperation with ProData's Account Manager, who is very much present here. He has good ongoing dialogue and follow-up with the consultants and me, and he knows what is going on.

 The ProData consultants and Project Managers have a high success rate here at Arla. They deliver quality and make a point

of solving problems in a professional way. And all around, they demonstrate strong loyalty to us and look after Arla's interests in the project itself.

They also act as "backfillers," which means that we use them a lot during peak periods where they help us with peak loads and thus keep the stress level down for Arla's permanent employees.

Our Account Manager at ProData Consult also knows us well and is very much involved in our

projects and tasks. He is familiar with the field and knows which types of personalities match the task, so I spend very little time myself recruiting IT consultants. He almost takes on an HR role – and it really takes the pressure off me."

Christian Neumann
Senior Manager


KMD's experiences with Nearshoring in Poland

KMD began using ProData Consult's Nearshoring service in Poland in autumn 2014. Michael Anders Christiansen is Senior Project Manager in KMD and handles the daily management of ProData Consult's Nearshoring consultants in Warsaw.

"In my project in KMD, the team needed to be expanded by another five developers and two testers. Based on my

skill requirements, ProData Consult delivered 17 consultant CVs and their HR department then coordinated two tightly-packed days of interviews of all candidates in Warsaw. One of the candidates dropped out, but our expectations for qualified candidates were fully met and I am extremely satisfied with the entire process.

ProData Consult also handles all contract work on behalf of KMD.

Afterwards, all ProData consultants came to Denmark for two weeks to be introduced to the project and get to know the Danish team and vice versa. Unfortunately, one of the consultants was not notified that the meeting was taking place in Copenhagen, so he showed up at ProData's office in Warsaw. However, ProData made sure he was in Copenhagen the next day. The most important thing for me is that both teams can be merged into one team with no obstacles to daily work in terms of phone calls, chats, Lync meetings, etc.

I have really enjoyed ProData's professionalism in providing highly qualified consultants. Both on a technical/professional level and also on a personal level. After just a few weeks, I have already seen that the close cooperation is working and there is no distinction between the nationalities in the team.

ProData Consult has since requested follow-up at two meetings regarding progress and expectations for future cooperation. I am very satisfied with the way ProData makes sure the customer is satisfied with the results."

Michael Anders Christiansen
Senior Project Manager

Nordic Aviation Capital:

Get all services at one place

Nordic Aviation Capital is a company in extremely rapid growth, which sets high demands to the company’s strategic, tactical and operational development.

It has been a massive challenge, as IT-manager, to meet the strategic goals and to maintain a synergy and link between the business strategy and technological support. On the operational level, this has meant challenges in finding the right IT-resources and competences which could lift the assignments fast enough while being able to maintain high quality delivery.

With ProData Consult as supplier of IT-consultancy, management services and with their near shoring center in Warsaw, Poland, I have a full-service provider, where I can get all services at one place. Having ProData as partner gives a great value because they offer new opportunities and services which I had never thought of before.

I have received management and strategic IT consulting, which has lifted the IT organization to a whole new level and created a strong link between business strategy and IT strategy, thereby ensuring the necessary impetus and optimization of the company's operating costs and agility.

In addition, ProData Consulting services have given me the ability to scale up using highly qualified skills. Furthermore, the implementation of Nearshoring using Polish consultants in ProData’s near shoring Centre in Warsaw has been a very positive experience. Both because of the consultants' very high level of competence but also their proactive approach and agility and not least an attractive price.

The partnership has met all the requirements and demands we had before we began working together - it is completely satisfactory. We could almost not keep up with the level of service that has been delivered, and I have a feeling that the red carpet is constantly being rolled out to me as a customer.

Mads Krog Jensen
IT Manager

Santander Consumer Bank (DK):

Rapid access to qualified skills

With ProData Consult as a supplier of IT consultants, we get rapid access to qualified skills and resources. They are characterized by their professionalism and quality, and the consultants are quick to adapt to our tasks, understand their roles and become an integrated part of our team.

With quality and speed ProData Consult has made ​​our development incredibly scalable and flexible. 

Flemming Kirkskov
IT Director

TDC Online:

Szybki dostęp do wykwalifikowanych zasobów – konsultantów, którzy znają się na rzeczy

Upłynęło już wiele lat od momentu podpisania z przez TDC umowy ramowej z ProData Consult, dzięki czemu stała się ona naszym ulubionym dostawcą.

Jako że rok po roku nasze doświadczenia są wyłącznie pozytywne, a dostarczeni konsultanci spełniają najwyższe standardy, wywiązując się z powierzonych zadań zgodnie z ustaleniami – nie mamy powodów, by szukać  innego dostawcy.

Zbudowaliśmy wspólnie naprawdę bliską relację; co zaś doceniam najmocniej, to fakt, że  ProData każdorazowo bezbłędnie spełnia nasze wymagania. Co więcej – robią to naprawdę szybko!

Moja praca jest znacznie łatwiejsza dzięki poczuciu bezpieczeństwa, jakie daje mi ProData. A już szczególnie wtedy, gdy niespodziewanie pojawiają się nowe zadania do wykonania. Wiem, że i w tym wypadku mam szybki dostęp do wykwalifikowanych zasobów – konsultantów, którzy naprawdę znają się na rzeczy. W ten sposób zyskuję znacznie więcej niż byłbym w stanie dostarczyć na wszystkich naszych projektach. To wielkie ułatwienie w codziennej pracy!

Konsultanci ProData wnoszą także do zespołu nowy punkt widzenia. Nowe idee i swoiste doświadczenia, którymi dzielą się z nami – wiele z nich jest mi nieznana. A dzięki otwartej, aktywnej postawie tworzą wspólnie z naszymi pracownikami etatowymi zgrany zespół.

Flemming Mahler
Department Head


Bardzo kompetentni konsultanci, dostarczeni szybko i spełniający wszystkie nasze oczekiwania

Kilka lat temu koledzy z branży polecili nam usługi ProData Consult. Pierwszą umowę podpisaliśmy w roku 2003 i od tamtej pory, nasza współpraca trwa nieprzerwanie do dziś.

Moim zdaniem, współpracę z ProData Consult można opisać następującymi słowami: profesjonalizm, uczciwość, elastyczność i szybkość.

ProData udowodniła, że jest w stanie bardzo szybko dostarczyć nam naprawdę kompetentnych konsultantów, którzy spełnili wszystkie nasze wymagania. Kiedy zaczynamy działać w nowych technologiach, natychmiast otrzymujemy konsultanta gotowego do zrealizowania postawionych mu zadań – to naprawdę wielka oszczędność czasu! Od chwili, w której zgłaszam do ProData Consult swoje zapotrzebowanie, do momentu otrzymania odpowiedniego profilu konsultanta mija nie więcej niż dwa dni.

Wiem dokadnie co dostanę i za jaką ceną, nie ma więc miejsca na niemiłe niespodzianki. Doceniam także ich otwartość i gotowość do dialogu, a także elastyczność w stosunku do mnie jako klienta. Odpowiednia jest także weryfikacja konsultanta i postępu wykonywanych zadań.

Gert Wulff
Project Manager


Znajomość i zrozumienie naszej branży

W odniesieniu do ludzkich umiejętności trudno jest stosować szablony, które umożliwiłyby adekwatną wycenę konsultanta. Dlatego w tych kwestiach tak ważne było dla nas doradztwo ze strony ProData Consult.

Ich pracownicy mieli dobrą znajomość rynku oraz branży w której działamy; bardzo doceniamy też to, że wykazali zainteresowanie naszą firmą, jej zwyczajami i ogólną sytuacją, jak też naszymi ówczesnymi projektami. Dzięki temu przedstawione przez nas wymagania – opisane za pomocą technicznych skrótów – zostały odpowiednio odczytane i zrozumiane. Skutkowało to wyborem właściwego konsultanta na projekt.

ProData Consult posiada ogromną bazę CV, co zwyczajowo podkreślane jest jako ich wydatny atut. Prawdziwą jednak siłę i skuteczność jako dostawcy zapewnia im połączenie: bazy CV ze znajomością i zrozumieniem klienta oraz konsultantów. Takie połączenie skutkuje efektywnym wyborem właściwej osoby na projekt. Było to dla nas szczególnie widoczne w momencie gdy społeczne umiejętności konsultanta oraz jego preferencje dokładnie pokryły się z naszymi potrzebami i wymaganiami.

Henrik Estrup
Section Manager

Saxo Bank:

Very professional supplier of IT consultants

Back in 2010 Saxo decided to consolidate its IT consultant vendor portfolio and get control of the consultant purchasing to ensure we and our vendors were fully compliant with tax laws, and to optimize administrative procedures. We went from dozens of vendors to a handful of preferred vendors and chose ProData Consult to take all non-preferred vendors. As a large and well established consultant company with documented processes ProData Consult was a natural choice for this task.

The transformation to get the consultant vendors under the “umbrella” of ProData Consult was fast and effortless. ProData Consult met all vendors individually, had a streamlined process for the transition and made special material and brochures to ensure all vendors were fully briefed.

The benefits we have achieved in internal administration is that we have been able to centralize the consultant procurement and get uniform purchasing and contract terms while still allowing IT and the business to buy their specialized consultants. Our processes with ProData Consult are simple and flexible. With ProData we are confident in always being tax and immigration law compliant.

Saxo Bank is satisfied with the cooperation with ProData Consult and sees ProData Consult as a very professional and agile supplier of IT consultants.

Andreas Godsk Jorgensen
Vendor Manager

Videncentret for landbrug:

The co-operation is simply just working

ProData Consult performs really well in finding the best IT consultants for us. On top of having the requested professional skills the consultants also have the specific social and cultural skills fitting our company culture. ProData Consult succeeds in this because they have a thorough knowledge of their consultants and uses a lot of energy on understanding my business culture. I further value the honesty of ProData Consult in regards to the strong sides and potential missing skills regarding the specific task we need the consultants for.

Despite the thorough work done in finding the right consultants ProData Consult is able to react fast on requests and most of the time delivers CV’s within 24 hours.

Further there are never any administrative issues. Invoicing and contracts/contract extensions are very smooth and orderly – which makes my life a great deal easier.

The co-operation is simply just working

Jesper Nielsen
Systems Development Manager

Vodafone (ZYB):

Lightning speed response that is worth its weight in gold

ZYB, which is now a part of Vodafone, were first movers in the mobile phone backup segment and have achieved a significant market share. We are well aware that there are a number of ambitious competitors out there breathing down our necks. The right time to market is crucial every time we come up with a new idea. This puts a lot of pressure on our internal resources as we need to get the job done as soon as possible and we need highly-skilled people to do it. The faster we can get people on-board the faster we can get into gear and get the job done.

That's where ProData Consult adds value. They have the ability to move fast and always give us a lightning speed response, and that is worth its weight in gold. On one occasion, I talked to a ProData consultant on Friday and on Monday morning he was already at work in our office! Excellent, as it meant we could get on with things!

We are very pleased with our relationship with ProData Consult. Everybody was surprised by how quickly the IT consultants arrived, that we needed for our projects. Plus, they were all super-concentrated and extremely efficient. In general, their frame of reference and commitment go beyond what we dreamt of.

With ProData Consult there's no nonsense they just get down to business. We haven't had to waste time on unnecessary boring negotiations. We actually had a guy employed here before his official contract was in place. He was sitting here programming away before the contract was complete, which was fantastic.

It gives peace of mind to know that I have ProData Consult backing me up with the expertise and frame of reference they have built up.

Ole Højriis Kristensen


ProData Consult have shown an extraordinary degree of flexibility

Movia have used ProData Consult as their unique supplier of external IT resources since January 2009, and we're very happy with our working relationship!

Our first contact with ProData Consult came at a time when we needed to recruit a project manager at very short notice. It would have taken us 3 months to make a permanent appointment.

Within a very short time frame ProData came up with qualified candidates with just the right skill set. The interview process was completely problem-free and we very quickly identified the right man for the job: a very experienced project manager with just the right combination of skills in  hardcore project management and Prince 2.

ProData consult didn't waste any time getting going and right from the off things have moved along very satisfactorily. After a minimal breaking in period on a large and complex project our consultant worked completely independently. He's been invaluable, and has really added value and delivered project progress!

ProData Consult have always acted in a completely professional manner and have fully met all our expectations.

Throughout the process ProData Consult have shown an extraordinary degree of flexibility, even with regard to contracts. I'd certainly recommend their services to others in need of highly professional external IT services.

Peter Jensby Lange
IT Team Manager


They offered me consultants from around the world in no time at all

There was an occasion when I needed to source some very specific IT skills for a high-priority project. I had great difficulty in finding staff who could meet these needs – it was something we couldn't manage in-house and I was unable to find anyone within my network who knew of anyone I could use. I actually reached the point where I gave up looking.

Then I was put into contact with ProData Consult, and I must say that I am very impressed!

Impressed at their ability to understand the problem facing me, and impressed at their flexibility and the speed with which they reacted!

They offered me consultants from around the world in no time at all. In fact, sometimes it takes no more than a couple of hours before I've a CV in my inbox from just the IT consultant that I'm looking for .

I'm impressed at the speed with which ProData Consult can source such specialised skills from within such a broad field. Plus, their consultants are of an exceptionally high calibre.

Having ProData Consult to back me up means I don't have too worry - they're a really important factor in helping get projects finished on time.

Philip Lyngø Jensen
Department Head
BSS Applications


Dzięki ProData Consult możesz znaleźć odpowiedniego konsultanta IT lub dołączyć do ogromnej sieci naszych konsultantów

ProData Consult zachowuje elastyczne i przejrzyste podejście do procesu wyszukiwania odpowiednich konsultantów spełniających oczekiwania naszych klientów - jesteśmy dumni z tego, że możemy zapewnić naszym klientom płynną współpracę i jak najlepsze doświadczenie.

Głównym obszarem naszej działalności jest dostarczanie konsultantów IT dla naszych klientów. Współpracujemy zarówno z dużymi korporacjami, firmami informatycznymi, instytucjami rządowymi, jak też start-upami, małymi i średnimi przedsiębiorstwami oraz różnego rodzaju organizacjami. Niezależnie od typu oraz złożności projektu IT jesteśmy w stanie znaleźć odpowiedniego konsultanta. Dzięki ProData Consult możesz znaleźć odpowiedniego konsultanta IT lub dołączyć do ogromnej sieci najlepszych specjalistów IT.

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