Very professional supplier of IT consultants - Andreas Godsk Jorgensen, Vendor Manager, Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank:

Very professional supplier of IT consultants

Back in 2010 Saxo decided to consolidate its IT consultant vendor portfolio and get control of the consultant purchasing to ensure we and our vendors were fully compliant with tax laws, and to optimize administrative procedures. We went from dozens of vendors to a handful of preferred vendors and chose ProData Consult to take all non-preferred vendors. As a large and well established consultant company with documented processes ProData Consult was a natural choice for this task.

The transformation to get the consultant vendors under the “umbrella” of ProData Consult was fast and effortless. ProData Consult met all vendors individually, had a streamlined process for the transition and made special material and brochures to ensure all vendors were fully briefed.

The benefits we have achieved in internal administration is that we have been able to centralize the consultant procurement and get uniform purchasing and contract terms while still allowing IT and the business to buy their specialized consultants. Our processes with ProData Consult are simple and flexible. With ProData we are confident in always being tax and immigration law compliant.

Saxo Bank is satisfied with the cooperation with ProData Consult and sees ProData Consult as a very professional and agile supplier of IT consultants.

Andreas Godsk Jorgensen
Vendor Manager