ProData Consult continues growth

In the recently published financial statement, ProData Consult presents financial results that show top-line growth.

For the financial year 2017, ProData Consult can present a record turnover of DKK 910 million for the entire group. This correspond to a 30% growth in turnover. With this, ProData Consult once again emphasizes that the company is among the largest within its market segment in Scandinavia. 

The ProData Consult-companies have seen a considerable growth in the key markets, and the group experiences a continued increased interest in its services. Chairman of the Board of Directors Jens Kyhnæb says:          

“In 2017, we have experienced strong growth. We have more consultants on assignment than ever, and we have landed more strategic framework agreements with both private and public organizations which gives a solid foundation for the future.”

Internal expansion has consequences for the bottom-line

Despite the increase in growth, ProData Consult has experienced a decrease on the bottom-line. In 2017, the company has delivered an EBITDA of DKK 44 million opposed to DDK 50 million the year before.

“Obviously, it is not satisfying, but our focus has been on the top-line growth and our client demand. Therefore, we have not had the time and energy to prioritize the bottom-line,” Jens Kyhnæb says.

However, in 2017, ProData Consult has invested in improvements of internal processes, increase of automation, and building viable systems to secure continuous progress, but more importantly to secure the quality of the services the company provides.      

“When you grow as fast as we have, it may compromise the quality of the service that you provide. It has been decisive for us to not make that mistake. Therefore, we have spent a lot of resources in the previous year on improvements to our internal setup. This costs on the bottom-line, but it has been a necessary investment,” the Chairman of the Board of Directors says.

And if you ask the clients, it does not seem like there has been a compromise in quality of deliveries – far from it.

“We automatically and closely monitor our client satisfaction, and it conclusively shows that we have succeeded in a high speed growth with our clients still being as contented as ever. We consider this as clear proof that the choices we made in 2017 were good ones,” Jens Kyhnæb concludes.    

For further contact:

Chairman of the Board of Directors Jens Kyhnæb, phone +45 22 95 50 53 

CEO Søren Rode, phone +45 22 95 50 53 

Press officer Phillip Ørbæk, phone +45 25 60 24 37   

Selection of main points from the 2017 financial statement

in EUR-thousands

Net turnover: 122,400

Result before depreciation and amortization: 5,900

Result before taxes: 4,200

Net capital: 7,000.

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