The co-operation is simply just working - Jesper Nielsen, Systems Development Manager, Videncentret for landbrug

Videncentret for landbrug:

The co-operation is simply just working

ProData Consult performs really well in finding the best IT consultants for us. On top of having the requested professional skills the consultants also have the specific social and cultural skills fitting our company culture. ProData Consult succeeds in this because they have a thorough knowledge of their consultants and uses a lot of energy on understanding my business culture. I further value the honesty of ProData Consult in regards to the strong sides and potential missing skills regarding the specific task we need the consultants for.

Despite the thorough work done in finding the right consultants ProData Consult is able to react fast on requests and most of the time delivers CV’s within 24 hours.

Further there are never any administrative issues. Invoicing and contracts/contract extensions are very smooth and orderly – which makes my life a great deal easier.

The co-operation is simply just working

Jesper Nielsen
Systems Development Manager